World’s most powerful passports… including British

World’s most powerful passports… including British

It’s all too easy to criticise this wonderful country of ours, and to forget just how lucky we are to live in good old Blighty.

Compared to many, we have freedom, a decent standard of living and now, according to new research, the power to travel the world with relative ease.

That’s because our humble British passport has been ranked the fourth most powerful in the world.

The British passport is apparently one of the most useful across the globe, allowing holders to visit a staggering 174 countries visa-free, all for just £73. Passports for the U.S., in contrast, allow access to the same number of countries but for £16 more.

It’s not quite as good value for money as the Swedish passport, however, ranked first in the GoEuro survey, for allowing visa-free trips to the same number of countries as above but for just £28.

The research by the transport search comparison site looked at how valuable and powerful different passports were according to how many countries it provided visa-free entry to, the number of hours needed to acquire the passport, how much it cost and how long the passport was valid for.

It will probably surprise no-one that Afghanistan came in last on the list, allowing its passport holders access to just 28 countries while costing an average of £69.

It’s far from easy to obtain an Afghan passport as well, with 183 hours needed to secure it, according to GoEuro. That compares to the relatively easy 11 hours needed by British passport holders, and the very easy one hour required to fill out all the documentation and gain a Swedish passport.

The survey also tells us that UAE passports are the cheapest, costing approximately just £9, while Turks need to fork out a whopping £166 for theirs, making Turkish passports one of the most expensive in the world.

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