Luxury Shopping in Edinburgh: From Harvey Nichols to Edinburgh Castle

Luxury Shopping in Edinburgh: From Harvey Nichols to Edinburgh Castle

It is the wide variety of high-quality and luxury shopping opportunities, merged with the unique and encapsulating atmosphere of the historic city centre, which separates Edinburgh from the rest.

While London may claim all the attention for its designer shops and luxury brands, luxury shopping in Edinburgh offers a beautiful and refreshing alternative. Scotland’s capital city is host to some of the finest shops from around the world displayed within an idyllic location; its city centre is built around Edinburgh Castle, where the old town and the 18th century new town connect.

The famous Multrees Walk is home to every designer label inEdinburgh. Multrees Walk is situated on St. Andrew’s Square, a calm and relaxing space subtly hidden from the bustle of Edinburgh’s main shopping street, Princes Street. The Walk itself is pedestrian-friendly and consists of a variety of up-market shops grouped together in the very heart of the capital. The newest and finest collections from Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs, Armani, Gucci and Prada are available, while the stylish accessories in Mulberry make for an original and refreshing look. Links of London is the store of choice for gifts.

The real benefit of shopping in Edinburgh is its size; it’s no overwhelming, sprawling metropolis such as London. The majority of luxury shops are all in close proximity to one another. The capital is also home to Scotland’s only Harvey Nichols, which is located on the eastern end of St. Andrew’s Square. A visitor can take his or her time to marvel at the designer leather goods by Bottega Veneta or the luxury women’s fashion from Balenciaga while taking a leisurely stroll around all five floors. Take a moment to enjoy a meal in Harvey Nichol’s Forth Floor Restaurant, which boasts an impressive view of the city of Edinburgh on one side and the Firth of Forth on the other.

Of course, Scotland is whisky country. Scotland’s history of whisky dates back to the 15th century, where the first sign of the production of whisky emerged from an entry in the exchequer rolls in 1494. Step away from the shops for a moment to book a connoisseurs’ collection tour. The ‘Scotch Whisky Experience’ is an unforgettable excursion, as a team of experts and advisors travel through the intriguing and fascinating history and mythology of whisky, exploring a range of delightful malts from a number of different distilleries. The aim is to find your perfect single malt whisky. The tour comes to a close in the McIntyre Whisky Gallery, which has the world’s largest whisky collection.

Scottish flavour

For a truly Scottish shopping experience, try luxury womenswear and menswear specialist Marchbrae, located on the west end of Princes Street. Boasting more than 300 different types of tartan kilt outfits and Highland wear, all hand made in Scotland, the traditional waxed and contemporary Barbour jackets, along with the softest pieces of cashmere available in Edinburgh, make for a buy with a distinct Scottish flavour.

The medieval and enchanting beauty of Edinburgh’s Royal Mile sets the scene for an eventful walk reaching all the way down to the foot of Arthur’s seat, a dormant volcano rising 822 feet above sea-level. The street is filled with energy, incredible architecture characteristic of the old town, and some of the best shops in the city. Pringle of Scotland is one of the finest luxury brands available in stockists on the High Street as well as at Jane Davidson’s designer clothing boutique on Thistle Street, and certainly deserves a look. An iconic brand which was founded in 1815, it has revelled in the art of knitwear and made it a hugely important part of luxury shopping. As one of the first and biggest knitwear manufacturers in the world, Pringle has been credited with creating the intarsia design, which is now the Pringle signature argyle pattern. Pringle also famously adopted the sporty cardigan and sweater set from the golf course, turning it into the ultimate British stylistic choice.

William Street can be found in the West End of Edinburgh, a bustling and energetic cobbled road which has developed an understandable reputation as the ‘Notting Hill of the north’. The size of the city centre means that hidden, slightly alternative quality areas are in walking distance from the more exposed, central shopping locations. Perfect for gifts and presents, this wonderful little street is packed with an interesting range of shoes, bags, hats and other accessories. A present for a special woman can be found at Helen Bateman’s shoe gallery. With a lot of classic pieces to choose from and others to order exclusively, Helen Bateman’s shoes are made of fabrics and leathers from all around the world and they are hand made by Spain’s finest shoemakers.

Peter Johnston also deserves a visit for that simple, elegant but gorgeous tailor made suit that any wardrobe should include. Custom-made with the finest quality materials, these timeless but functional classics are for sophisticated men with their own strong sense of style. Bespoke tailoring with great attention to detail and immensely popular as a result, it’s best to book an appointment a few days in advance in order to avoid disappointment and make the most of your luxury shopping trip.

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